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Services for Your Home

CSI provides high quality energy inspection and upgrade services for residential properties. With our help you can identify and plan for energy savings of 20% or more.

Backed by certifications in home assessment and repair, such as the Building Performance Institute (BPI), you can rest assured that the highest standards are applied to accurately test and improve your home.

Here's how it works:

Using BPI guidelines, you know that CSI will give you highly professional service and it starts with the initial interview and walkthrough. All of our residential services begin here to look for clues about energy efficiency opportunities. After some preliminary inspections CSI will provide you with scientific reports that prioritize upgrade opportunities. Learn more»

Weatherization is often the first step for homeowners looking for low or no-cost improvements. Adding weather stripping, installing double-pane windows, or correcting insulation issues can add up to tremendous savings over the life of your home and require minimal investment and time. Discover more»

Thinking about adding solar to your home? CSI can help you explore energy upgrade opportunities that, with moderate investment, can reap huge rewards. Photovoltaic solar, HVAC and other energy efficiency technologies are quickly becoming a standard feature on many modern homes, and with rebates available for upgrade options enhancing your home has never been easier. Find out how»

Remodeling or rebuilding can be a large investment, but offers the highest return. Taking into consideration factors like how your house is situated in relation to the sun can make all the difference in energy use. While low and moderate upgrade options can help, remodeling is the most effective way to enhance your comfort and reduce energy costs. Here are some examples»

Energy Upgrade California

Californian energy companies are currently offering several rebates that help reduce the cost of upgrading your home. CSI knows how to process your rebates quickly and efficiently, so be sure to ask about how to take advantage of cost saving measures. Find out more »

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