Energy Upgrade California Awards Top Players

on 14 January 2012.

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Energy Upgrade California is the state’s largest home energy incentive program, and it took stock of 2011 by awarding top honors to The Construction Services & Inspections Company. Recognized for its dedicated work in energy efficiency projects directed toward stable communities, The CSI Company is creating energy savings and jobs.

Launching in March of last year, Energy Upgrade California has helped hundreds of homeowners across the state make the move to more efficient living. The CSI Company has been one of the biggest contributors to the program bringing efficiency to residents and companies alike throughout Los Angeles County and neighboring communities.

The Energy Upgrade California program presented The CSI Company its “Award of Achievement” for surpassing the minimum goal of 12 projects in 12 months, but the company has gone far beyond that goal. For Energy Upgrade California alone The CSI Company has performed and completed scores of projects with more than 30 additional contracts underway.

“It’s nice to know that hard work and long hours are paying off. It’s nice to be recognized for it,” says company founder, Aryn Sieber. “It lets let’s us know that we need to strive to do better for next year.”

The company expects to double the number of projects in 2012, building off the success it has had with Energy Upgrade California and other programs, but it is more than just getting the job done.

“Success means establishing networks and communities,” says Mr. Sieber, “we are about building sustainable communities and we want to incorporate work that encourages long term health for our neighborhoods.” This includes several collaborative efforts like city-led renovations, worker assistance programs, and charities.

One of the biggest investments that The CSI Company has made in 2011 was volunteering resources to aid out-of-work home improvement specialists. For the past two years the company has been providing test equipment and employee time to expose new workers to the techniques used for testing homes and commercial buildings. This has allowed workers to solidify their training and build work experience that is expected to face increased demand.

The Energy Upgrade California program has the ambitious goal of refurbishing 100,000 homes.  Incentives drawn from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will help stir the economy by supporting local contractors needed for the work. This will also be a large cut into the heaviest energy users - homes.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, residential property accounts for 23 percent of all energy consumed in the United States. Although California is among the most efficient states in the nation, using 217 million BTUs per person compared to the national average of 308 million, it has also been one of the most volatile job markets.

Additionally, the state recently passed several laws to reduce emissions and energy use to curtail wasteful practices including returning the state back to 1990 emissions levels. These efforts will increase pressure to build an economy around retrofits, and firms like The CSI Company will be a perfect fit into the new trends.

Both Energy Upgrade California and The CSI Company recognize the need to recover jobs from the decrepit construction industry and the award presented demonstrates the commitment of both groups to building a solid future for California.

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