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We are fully certified energy consultants and licensed general contractors offering professional services for all residential and commercial construction.

The CSI Company emphasizes relationships that promote sensible lifestyles through energy efficiency and sustainable building. By striking a balance between ecological sensitivity and economic payback we can dramatically reduce utility costs, improve Indoor Air Quality and contribute to a sustainable world for all.

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Our services in include:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Project Management
  • Energy and Moisture Assessment

Our Philosophy


At CSI we are dedicated to developing balanced, comfortable, cost effective and environmentally sound living and working spaces through green building and energy efficiency.


We support our vision through inspections and consultations for new construction or existing buildings using the latest energy efficiency guidelines and technology.


To provide the highest quality green building and energy efficiency services enabling sustainability for America’s communities.

And to create a more sustainable America that is not dependent on foreign oil and can provide career opportunities with living wages for all its citizens.


In 2005, company founder Aryn Sieber started working through an evolutionary process harnessing technology like therm-optics and combining it with new construction techniques. PremierIR™, a predecessor to CSI, led to CSI’s eventual development as a company that uses the latest in thermal imaging to investigate buildings and their energy systems. Realizing that multiple resources would be needed to produce high quality, wide spread sustainability, Aryn launched CSI as a holistic service company to meet the needs of small to medium building needs.

Today, CSI works with homeowners, business people, government agencies and nonprofits to help create a more sustainable America.

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"The CSI Company has been an excellent and consistent partner for Uncommon Good in the development and execution of our green workforce and job development efforts".